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November 3rd, 2021

We continue to see what happens when media continuously pushes out fraudulent information.  It appears that voters have been swayed by concerns about Critical Race Theory being taught in school, which it is not. This is not the same level of propaganda we have seen and will see, but it still points out the importance of getting lies out of the legitimate political process. 

November 1st, 2021 is upon us and the Virginia election is critical. Also critical is the inability of Democrats to press through their infrastructure Bill. It will go through, but it will be peppered with disinformation and outright fraud by the regular group.

Is there anyone in your area who can investigate what legal options exist, while they still exist?

What's the plan?

Elections should be fought on issues and true circumstances of value to voters. Outright falsehoods and fraud should not be allowed to enter into real debate. What should or could we, as citizens do about the issue.

Contact your representative and demand legislation that bans disinformation from election campaigns. Demand penalties for fraudulent ads, from ANYONE. Whether coming from a person, PAC or Network, FRAUD IS NOT PROTECTED SPEECH.

This is not just an American issue, it's taking over western democracies.

Focus should be on civil litigation on domestic actors creating and distributing disinformation with the intent to coerce and deceive. The main argument is intent. The First Amendment protects a person's right to free expression, but it is not unlimited. The comparison commonly used is you can't shout "fire" in a crowded theater. This metaphor doesn't fit here.

The First Amendment does not provide protection to commit fraud. I am not free to assert a cubic zirconia is a diamond if the reason for my assertion is to deceive you and sell the cubic zirconia as a diamond. I am allowed to express an honest belief that it's a diamond but as soon as there is a purpose for my assertion and there is reason to believe I am or should be aware the assertion is wrong I should be accountable for it.

Why civil litigation? Simply, this disinformation and fraud is causing material harm. Also it leaves the authorities free to continue criminal and national security investigations while someone is still applying pressure on actors threatening democracy.

This is not and should not be intended to quell free speech, free expression or healthy debate. Falsehood, fakery and deception are not part of these bedrock principles of democracy and we should be equally ready to engage anyone threatening healthy dissent. Healthy debate and willingness to call out bad actors is what is missing in today's Republican party, so again the goal is not to quell dissent.

Neither, nor anyone associated with us has the resources or the standing to initiate any action, or seek benefit from any litigation. We only seek to start the discussion and maybe the spark that could inspire a defense of democracy, as we have come to understand it. At the heart of democracy is a trust that our political leaders have at least a basic belief in the core principles that the people get to decide who will manage the affairs of the state. This concept appears to slipping in America today. 

Who in your district could spearhead a Democracy MEGA Project action?

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