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Early Warning Extreme Bull Sh!t Detection

Model 045
Getting our heads around the staggering amount of BS and flat out insanity coming from the White House and parroted by FOXNEWS is no small task. It is incomprehensible that in a time when there is so much direct danger to human populations around the world powerful people are posturing and not working on solutions.

The fixes are complex, the processes complicated and the solutions are hard, but the job is simple. DO YOUR BEST TO PROTECT YOUR PEOPLE AND ECONOMY. Mistakes are going to be made and it's OKAY. As long as they are made in good faith, admitted to and addressed. Having nothing done, having it covered and obvious profiteering going on is inexcusable.

For these reasons the FACT MISSILE LAUNCH CONTROL CENTER is authorizing a BS BASHER Model 01 on the Trump Administration NON responsive response to COVID-19 in the United States.

Launch approved on the GOP for the willful destruction of America and her institutions.

Launch approved for the grooming of the voting population that has lead to this reality.  GOP.

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