What is the truth about vaccine?

January 7th, 2022

The fundamental truth about the vaccine is that they are safe and effective. They may not prevent everyone from contracting COVID-19,  but have been remarkably successful at reducing or outright preventing serious illness and hospitalizations. The information gathered and provided by health professionals and the vaccine manufacturers has been clear. It also matches up with what we can see In our world.

It is not perfect, like any medicine or medical procedure there are risks.  Are the risks higher than the likely benefits is the question that has to be asked on a case by case basis.  It is simple; there is no scientific evidence of large scale, serious adverse effects from vaccines.  Does this mean that I, you or anyone else will never have a bad experience?  NO, of course not, there are risks from unknown allergic reactions, it is possible that your or my immune system will not respond as expected.

Look to the huge number of dead and suffering from Polio and other diseases in the past.  The positive impact of immunisation is as clear as crystal.  The supposed problems are fogged over and easily disputed by qualified medical researchers.

The truth is out there. Look for the real life facts to help stear the way.


Antivaxxers and COVID-19  sympathizers are leading Canada and America toward another LOCKDOWN. Hospitals are being overwhelmed again, ICU beds are filled to beyond capacity and people who can only be described as IDIOTS are protesting and harassing the very people they will soon be begging to save them.

How do we deal with people who won't take a vaccine designed for humans in favor of a medication designed for HORSES?

COVID-19 causes a lot of issues, but stupidity,  well that's a PRE EXISTING CONDITION. 

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