Tuesday, March 15, 2022


 As he continues to press the destruction of Ukraine with no point left other than vengeance and the apparent enjoyment of watching suffering Vladimir Putin has saved western democracy from the jaws of its near collapse.  The colossal irony, he has saved it from his own near victory. The folly of letting one person control the levers of government, even if you believe they share your values, is clear.

Set aside the obvious miscalculations and intelligence failures, the inept military planning, the dismissal execution of the war and focus on the pathetic picture of Putin sitting at the long table, as separated from reality as he is his generals. He ought to be aware his goals are trashed. Is he? It's hard to tell. He is Trump's mentor and we know how in touch Mr. Trump is with the reality of the 2020 election results.

Republicans are scrambling to put in place their social conservative supporters dream world controls on women and minority groups. There is also a huge push on to secure future elections with voter suppression and other undemocratic processes. The activity happening at the state and local level as the Federal wing of the party is unequipped to passing legislation as their role has almost been exclusively obstruction and grandstanding.

Other nations, previously reeling from the successful use of propaganda and social manipulation are waking to the end goals of the so called "nationalist" movements. No kidding ourselves, we still have large populations with these views. They are at least a little less vocal and their followers, a little less confident in what they are angry about. Russian influence on them is diminished.

Politicians who have destabilized western democracies either for personal or political gain need to be held accountable and must not be allowed to rewrite their records of the past six or so years. Their willingness to tow the barges of disinformation has allowed us to get to this point. A strong line on Putin and his enablers would have made it clear that this adventure into expansionism was out of bounds.

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