Thursday, March 3, 2022


 The crimes being committed by Russia and the potential for more has laid bare the folly of Canadian defense policy. Not of the Justin Trudeau Liberals, but of Canadian governments going back to the fall of the Berlin Wall. The "it won't ever happen again" attitude. It was not just the governments of the times doing. They after all were reflecting the majority of the Canadian voters. We had a good friend with big arms, and what were we going to be able to do anyway?

For decades Canadians have been directing their governments to cut back on military spending. Not only as a means of reducing the budget overall, but deciding we had better things to spend on than bombs. The military was, to more than a few folks, inherently evil. Nothing more than a machine made for killing and death. Not necessarily an incorrect assessment, but forgetting that it's how that power is pointed that determines evil or not evil.

So now we find ourselves staring down the barrel at a new evil in Europe, expansionist, demented and willing to use his military might for evil. With a forty year old fleet of fighter jets lacking logistics for the navy and limited numbers of personnel we have a role to play but may not be ready to take the field. It's important, we need to become willing to see and react to reality.

Reality; When you really NEED the military, you need it pretty much immediately. People don't announce they plan to instigate a military crisis in x years, months and days.

Reality; Military equipment is far more complex than it was. Modern aircraft and ships with all of the electronics, interoperability requirements and self defense technology required don't roll off the assembly line like a spitfire or hurricane used to.

Reality; Our friend with big arms has shown a potential reliability problem. We need to, possibly, be able to hold down the fort on our own.

In the global village, Canada, has. a MASSIVE HOUSE. Like many who live in apparent luxury, we need to be able to lock the door at times. A strong Canadian Forces is how we lock that door. It's also how we are able to be there for our friends so they feel like they can be there for us.

Reality; This is a wake up call we can not ignore no matter how it turns out in Europe. We have to put ourselves in a position where we have a capability to react, reasonably. It doesn't mean having a million man Army. We must maintain an operable force, the future may very well depend on it.

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