Monday, March 28, 2022


 Joe Biden said the obvious,  and it's not controversial. Putin is an old school dictator and the architect of much of what is going wrong in the world right now. From the unbelievable condition of the Republican party to the disinformation disaster around COVID-19, the work being done to destabilize the democratic world, Putin and his expansionist ambitions are a menace. 

With the news of a probable poisoning attempt against Roman Abramovich and Ukrainian peace negotiators it's clear that the pouting dictator is in no mood to stop his stupidity. 


With the list of crimes piling up and the obvious failure on the ground in Ukraine Putin's options are increasingly distasteful for a guy who thinks he knows all. It also exemplifies a person desperate to carve out a reality that does not exist because the truth and real reality does not fit his whims. Putin represents a clear and present danger to the civilized world. Perhaps the most important risks are to Russia herself. The people of Russia are now merely prisoners. Their only responsibility is to maintain the power of their dictator, and even more importantly,  prop up his incredibly FRAGILE ego.

Putin has come far too close meeting his broader goals and right now the unimaginable courage of the Ukrainian people is the only thing that has held his ambitions back. As the west appears to be taking the thoughts and prayers approach to the ongoing catastrophe in Ukraine,  the hope that the Russian people up the cause of securing their own future worth holdng on to.

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