Sunday, February 27, 2022


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Delusional Putin invades Ukraine convinced the mythical Fountain of Youth is in the former Soviet block Nation. Close advisors to the Russian President are at their wits end trying to not only guide the president away from the adventure in Ukraine, but also convince him that the fantasy of the fountain is just that, a fantasy.

Putin is desperate to find the key to immortality as he is convinced he can rule for eternity. His thinking is straight out of the "Pirate's Of The Caribbean", said one exhausted aid, who recounted episodes where Putin would have Jr. military officers take concoctions and have them stabbed to test the powers of the potion.

While the aides have expressed alarm about the events and the impact they are having they appear powerless to stop the path things are on due to the cult following willing to participate in the demented rituals. Putin has given no clue where in Ukraine he believes the fantasy fountain is located but wants control of the country to ensure access to the fabled waters.

Support staff for Putin's senior aids were shocked to find out the obsurd suggestions that the Ukrainian government was dominated by Neo Nazis was not a cover for the demented pursuit of the Fountain of Youth, to try and save a little self respect for the country. It was in fact insisted on by Putin to prevent other nations from attempting to locate the fantasy fountain before him. "We need to let the people know what's going on in the Kremlin before we are dragged into a nuclear war." Small groups continue to meet to plot a way out of crisis from inside the Kremlin, but things move quickly in the fantasy universe of Putin's warped mind.

not factual 

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