Friday, February 11, 2022


 The Right, and in Canada the Conservatives have used "FREEDOM" as a rallying cry to push through policies and gather support for things that are often not in the best interests of the people the are rallying. This is going on now with the "Trucker" "Protest" going on in Canada and can be seen as a tactic when Stephen Harper used "Freedom" as the motivator for dismantling the Canadian Wheat Board allowing major corporations to split up and coerce farmers.

While curtailing their freedoms through economic shackles and restrictive social policies, right wing and right leaning political parties seem to be able to tap into the darkest reaches of their constituency and reliably secure support, often at the detriment of their supporters. Is it genius in messaging or a talent for recognizing and exploiting what already exists. Either way, it has caused the demise of peaceful discourse currently and the backdrop for global conflict over decades.

The rally cry, "FREEDOM" has been dog whistled by the "Right" to stoke up feelings of resentment and fear among their base of primarily less educated white people who are easily able to be convinced their problems and lack of success are easily blamed on others. Throw in a few decades of religious indoctrination and you have a mass of easily manipulated highly motivated people eager to look down on others, not basrd on their actions or status, but merely on the most shallow of physical traits. When will these people be granted the freedom to think for themselves?

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