Sunday, January 16, 2022


 Between allowing them to continue to post Trump's statements in the easiest step around to being banned in history to suspending people for calling them out in aggressive ways, Twitter continues to coddle Trump's supporters. The disinformation pushed by FOXNEWS, AONN,NEWSMAX Alex Jones  Steve Bannon etc. continues. Whether it's pushed by friends, bots or people looking to get easy hits, the endless drumbeat if lies bent on dismantling western democracy goes on and on with minimal or no consequence.

People telling lies that undermine democracy and democratic values need to be treated with the same urgency and force as words that describe people in an unflattering way. DEMOCRACY IS DYING and people trying to fight for it in Twitter's arena are being held to a higher standard of decency than those who are seeking to destroy our way of life.

I was suspended in late 2021 for posting that a man who was on camera from several angles while throwing things around and pushing security officers, in the Miami airport, should have been tasered. I was, in their view "targeting and inciting to injure". I don't believe I was being unfair when  pointing out the fact that a black man would have been, in all likelihood killed in the same scenario. 

As a case in point to Twitter coddling Trump supporters,  the above post of mine did not rate action, but a post referring to Steve Bannon as " Greasy White Trash" resulted in a suspension within (not exaggerating) fractions of a second. I will admit to an obvious intent to picture Bannon in a bad, even hurtful tone. How, though , did the system make such a quick decision and take action so quickly.? Again, fractions of a second from clicking "tweet" and being suspended is not an exaggeration.

Let's be clear. Twitter is a private business that has every right to manage the way its business deals with its customers and the environment on its platform. Like any store and restaurant has the right to remove anyone from their private business who they feel is causing a disturbance as long as no discrimination is applied. In Twitter's case though, causing a bit of a disturbance is part of the product base. 

If they insist on allowing people to post content from persons or entities that have been, air quotes, "banned", and holding others to a higher standard of civility, Twitter will have to accept their fair share of blame for the demise of democracy. 

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