Friday, January 21, 2022


 In the quick talk around Omicron and hopes for an end to the pandemic, many stay fixated on the number of deaths and hospitalizations as the sole measure of the progress of the battle against the disease. Like any battle though there are fatalities and there are wounded. At many levels we are forgetting about COVID-19's wounded, both past and future. Not only COVID long haulers, who carry symptoms for months, in some cases, but the increasing evidence of permanent long term disabling damage.

The Mayo Clinic among other medical centers report on some COVID-19 patients with a range of symptoms including weakness, shortness of breath, dizziness among many. A link is included to the Mayo Clinic site. 

On top of the long haul symptoms increasing numbers of people are ending up with permanent damage to organs and systems other than the respiratory system. The increasing number of variants of COVID-19 continue to develop as is the nature of viruses. The approach of several governments in the west has-been and continues to focus on hospitalization and death rates, but this doesn't seem to be the only issue around COVID-19 related disease. It is yet to be seen what the scope of the long term disabilities is going to be. Mitigating the impacts on the economy and society in general looks to be saddled on future leadership.

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