Monday, January 17, 2022


 That's the question. Is it enough to have a few nice things as long as you get to lord over people who have nothing.This is the choice being made by people who continue to court the fragile ego of Donald Trump. Are they asking themselves what am I willing to give up, and what might I gain?

In a Trump autocracy what is allowed that does not benefit him? What does Las Vegas look like when no property is allowed to better a Trump property? What does television look like when no program is allowed to better his ratings? These are but small examples of the new order under a man as fragile and frankly dim witted as Trump is. This is what it means to the people that get into it with a measure power and wealth now. No real business options or opportunities, unless he is involved on some level. Nothing like what they have come to know.

Further down the chain are the minions and victims who have been taken in by the not so elaborate scheme playing out. It is not and never has been complicated. 1. Get them mad with some sort of lie. Once mad they are more susceptible to the next lie and just keep piling it on. The bigger and more unbelievable the lie is, the more likely they are to believe it. The lie about the 2020 election isn't even "The Big Lie". The big lie is that any of the little people have anything to gain off of the presidency becoming a Trump dictatorship. For that to be the case he would have to care. He will not care, for that matter, will have no need for, any, if he gets what he wants. What he wants is all that matters.

As Europe stands on the brink of war with Russia on the border of Ukraine it is worth pointing out, the conflict there is all based on the whims of one little man. Putin is a little man, with skills, but nonetheless a little man. Not only is he a role model for Trump, he is also a driver. As Russia's young men prepare to pay the price for one little man's frail ego it is worth looking at what the future looks like in autocratic America.

Trump is desperate to look important and strong. That manifests in a couple of main ways. First, the iron fist with his own people. His gut response to any protest was it needed to be crushed. In a democracy,  protest is communication. In a dictatorship it's defiance. Any objection to his rule will be met violently. Secondly, a nation that shows any objection will be no different to him than one of his own people's "defiance". Conflict will be inevitable, simply to boost the frail ego.

There is so much to lose at all levels. From luxuries that are currently common place, to basic freedoms and lives, people need to think very hard about what they believe they have to gain by continuing to appease one frail, broken little man.

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