Monday, January 24, 2022


 In Canada, Saskatchewan's Scott Moe is trying to take his position in the hall of fame, of conservative white men who believe things are the way they say they are, because they  said that's how they are. Dispite the increasing number of cases, increasing hospitalizations, increasing test positivity, increasing infection levels at schools, increasing absenteeism and decreasing economic activity, Moe continues to disregard the advice of professionals, and cries of help from his healthcare workers and says he doesn't need to impose restrictions to bring a rampaging Omicron wave. 

Again on Monday morning, after a weekend of record breaking positive test results and increasing hospitalization rates Mr. Moe insisted there was not enough benefit to be gained. This flies in the face of requests from the healthcare providers who are begging for something to be done to slow the onslaught.

Future governments are going to have to look into legislation that provides the public a means of redress when the people they have hired to manage the affairs of government operate in a manner that is so obviously grossly negligent. 

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