Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 Folks, we have to choose our battles with billionaires. We don't get anything from throwing sour grapes around.

It's frustrating as all heck, but we have to approach the issue of taxing the wealthy without letting our emotions get involved because we don't do our best thinking with our fists and teeth clenched. Elon Musk was not handed anything in getting to where he is now. He had some ideas, he had a vision for them and he worked his ass off. I know the world is full of people who work as hard or harder and don't get what he got. That's life.

We have to avoid jealous rants and focus on what matters. Yachts, trips, gold toilets, private jets, people can and should be allowed to enjoy their money, AS A RIGHT at all levels. The power money gives should not be allowed to be used to stop progress and innovation because it competes with established businesses who wield power either by buying innovation and shelving it or owning policy makers. 

Billionaires don't want for basic needs. They have basic needs of course but no issues with resources to meet those needs. Excesses are part of the draw to becoming wealthy. Taxes, well that makes some feel more common and getting around taxes, well feels good. No billionaire feels the slightest difference in their lifestyle for paying a few million dollars in taxes,  but oh what an ego sting.

Let's focus our ire on those who are using their wealth power to stifle the marketplace and hold back our economic growth. The basic truth of it is, if we are more prosperous at all levels it gives us more to spend on things rich people sell. The issue again is not that they need more sales, if it were they would see paying a few taxes as the investment it is. The problem is their egos. Watching those below them suffer is the only enjoyment left for some.

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