Monday, November 1, 2021


 It is a fantasy. The world Republicans and Conservatives have created. They may, like Disney did, try to bring the fantasy to life,  but in the end, like fairy godmothers, evil sorceress queens and hero princes it's all fantasy. Unlike Disney, the Republican and Conservative push to bring the fantasy to life is missing the understanding that it is fantasy. Disney knew it was fantasy, these folks do not.

Wrapped up in a need to have complete control of their surroundings and in absolute terror of losing the upper hand, a fantasy world where they are the victims is better than sharing wealth or power. The irony is, the fantasy they are living is holding them back from taking their place in the inevitable change we need, in order to survive as a civilization on earth. While they hide behind faith and victimhood, reminiscing about the glory days, others are taking up the cause, delivering the change and developing the tech and systems to run the new world. A new world they will have no power in.

The question is, how. How do we break through the gaslighting that dogs their view of the world? How do we introduce them to reality again and help them see the great possibilities in it?

The future we are heading toward right now is authoritarian. An authorization America, an authoritarian Russia and an authoritarian China will pretty much see global affairs descend into a warlord scenario not unlike some nations have experienced. Human and individual rights will fall prey to the whims of power and those who seek it. Those who fall into line following the dog whistle version of "freedom" cried out by those seeking power will not get what they want because as soon as their view deviates even a little from the authority's, they will be cast to the side. We can see this with Trump on almost a daily basis even now.

Without a true champion of freedom and human rights in the world we are doomed to follow bullies, fighting their battles as they seek more power. As we have all to often seen, no amount of power is ever enough for those addicted to it.

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