Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 It's not just anti-vaxxers and Trumpers who are challenged when it comes to dealing with the realities we face today. You look at anyone who has a cause and you can pick out points where they ignore something to make room for their view. It is for sure, far more extreme around COVID and the ousted former president of the United States, but it is part of how people interact with almost anything they disagree with. 

Why is it worth mentioning? Simply put, we can't solve real issues or make progress on serious problems if we can't accept the reality of the problem or the validity of a solution. We're doomed if we just ignore things we don't like or don't fit our narrative.

Climate change is real and is being driven by human activity, but we simply can't change what we need to change on a dime. We have to acknowledge the inability of people to make the kind of changes they need to and want to because they are stuck in the system as it sits. People need to get from their apartment to where they earn their living and get their necessities back to the apartment. All of this requires energy. Right now that energy is carbon based.

The way we dress can send messages and signals, even though we don't intend them. It's not victim blaming to try and help someone to keep themselves safe. The reality is, in some situations people are more likely to respond in a way that has negative consequences. It's not right, it's not acceptable, but it's reality.

We are segregating ourselves into such small little groups in little comfort zones it's getting impossible to work toward a broader good. Sit through any "help group" relating to any conditions or disease and you soon see there is no other problem or issue that matters, only the one they advocate for. We need to get counseling on how to make it work in a group and not just demand the group make concessions for us. It's highly likely there are people in the group with troubles of their own. If I don't allow for them and they don't allow for me, how do we coexist?

It will take someone far smarter than this writer to come up with an explanation for how we got here, but for now that will be a waste of time and effort. Of far more importance is finding our way out of this. Reprogramming millions of people and rewiring their thought processes to see, acknowledge and deal with the reality in front of them. It's more than enough to deal with. For many the thought of having someone help them think differently is the problem, and terrifying.  It's not about controlling thought, it's all about freeing it.

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