Sunday, August 29, 2021


Trump is a resounding failure at every government related thing he has touched. He is after all clueless on the working and challenges of governance. He campaigned as an outsider who had all the answers. He hnew everything,  no one knew more, or had the skills. It was transparently wrong then and has been proven wrong over and over since. His negligence is killing Americans by the tens of thousands, and yet, Trump is not the main problem.

Republicans have abandoned their country and their people in an egregious way.  It is, and should be, unforgivable. There is no coercion that is an excuse for standing by while thousands in your charge are left to die and millions are sickened. So where do we look to find the source of the GOP cowardice?

Now we are getting information that the Senate panel "investigating" the run up to the Russian interference investigation and the Bidens is laundering Russian disinformation provided DIRECTLY from a Russian operative. This is rapidly becoming group treason.


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