Sunday, August 29, 2021


 CNN'S Smerconish breaks down an exchange between a Fox reporter and Biden as Biden trying to have it both ways. Biden saying he is responsible but then casting blame on Trump. Smerconish later speaks of his own both sides view as nuance.

What is missing in his view of the exchange is nuance. It is everything the Republicans can hope for to have Biden accept full responsibility for managing  the catastrophe they let Trump heap on the nation without implicating them and Trump for it. It's like expecting the cleaning staff to take responsibility for the dump on the floor, just because they are in the room when it stinks.

The media is in too much of a rush to prove they were not against Trump and to show they are just as hard on Biden. The problem is the two are not equivalent. Biden is doing the best he can for America and Americans and TPG was not. The media has been riding the Trump ratings train for so long they have forgotten that he was never worthy of anything except his ability to hype. The atmosphere remains so polarized they have lost the skill of "reporting". No one ever just says, "A happened today". There is always a spin and always winner and loser.

America has to get back to reporting facts and occurrences and not always being entitled to have an opinion on it. 

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