Sunday, August 22, 2021


 It doesn't take a genius to see through the lousy, bad faith moves being made by Republicans around the hearings into their attempted overthrow of the American government. What's sad is the number of people who are willing to suspend reality and live in a world where the siege of the US Capitol building was not wrong, and that it would have some how benefited them.

The object of their undying devotion does not work that way though. He doesn't care about any person outside of himself. It has yet to be seen how he will deal with a choice between his own legal interests and those of his children. I wouldn't be getting too comfortable with my position if I was one of his kids. Others, well they are only as valuable as what they are doing at any moment. He only cared about the rioters, insurrectionist mob when they were committing violence against America for him. 

It is tiresome continuing to expect or hope that his followers will come to their senses. They won't. They are either too invested in false claims or are unable to deal with the shame of admitting they have been conned.

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