Sunday, August 22, 2021


 It started off being annoying and to some degree amusing. People with no scientific background listening to people with limited scientific background deciding they know better than medical experts, wanting to opt out of vaccination programs that have been running safely for decades, saving millions of lives and preventing immense human suffering. Then came COVID-19.

                  Photo by Tess Myrl from Pexels

The debate over the safety of the vaccine would have to wait for a vaccine to be developed. The speed with which the vaccine was developed made for easy targets for those intent on spreading suspicion about it, but even that had to wait for the misinformation and fraud about the virus. Even questioning the actual existence of the virus as it sickened and killed millions of people world wide. One of the biggest questions about the anti vaccine movement is the motivation of its proponents. Those who began it early on may have had positive intentions. It's difficult to see positive intentions among the Republicans pushing people into dangerous,  even desperate situations.

It still begs the question, what is the motivation behind Ron Desantis and his dumbfounding handling of COVID-19? Is it an honest belief that people are falling ill and dying for no reason? Does he fear that if he changes his view that he will be seen as weak? Is he trying to cull the working class and will change when his demographic is more directly affected? The questions are many, but what ever the answer the current situation in Florida is as dire as it is avoidable.

Non of this is to imply that Florida is the only place where there is COVID-19 hardship. What is in common about the most affected places though, is Conservative based governments. 

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