Thursday, December 30, 2021


 For 2022 to be better some things have to happen.

1. Accountability needs to become a thing again. People feel and act as though there are no consequences for anything. Freedom doesn't mean no concern for actions and words.

2. Expertise needs to matter again.

3. Western society needs to care about others again.

4. Commitment to democracy and democratic principles must be rekindled. 

5. We need to protect our planet's ability to sustain us.

None of this is easy, or simple.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021


What is so hard to deal with, watching the rise of Omicron is the sense that we are not learning anything, as a human race, not just about COVID, but on how to work together when confronting a common threat. It has long been a feature of science fiction that when confronted with a threat to us all, we would drop petty differences and join together in a common fight. That was clearly the fiction, as ironically a fair amount of the sciencey stuff is making its way into reality. 

Without buy in from citizens of the industrialized countries to vaccinate AND to share the vaccine with the poorer countries we are condemning ourselves to repeated emerging variants and hard decisions about locking down and what normal life is going to be like for our decedents.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021


 Folks, we have to choose our battles with billionaires. We don't get anything from throwing sour grapes around.

It's frustrating as all heck, but we have to approach the issue of taxing the wealthy without letting our emotions get involved because we don't do our best thinking with our fists and teeth clenched. Elon Musk was not handed anything in getting to where he is now. He had some ideas, he had a vision for them and he worked his ass off. I know the world is full of people who work as hard or harder and don't get what he got. That's life.

We have to avoid jealous rants and focus on what matters. Yachts, trips, gold toilets, private jets, people can and should be allowed to enjoy their money, AS A RIGHT at all levels. The power money gives should not be allowed to be used to stop progress and innovation because it competes with established businesses who wield power either by buying innovation and shelving it or owning policy makers. 

Billionaires don't want for basic needs. They have basic needs of course but no issues with resources to meet those needs. Excesses are part of the draw to becoming wealthy. Taxes, well that makes some feel more common and getting around taxes, well feels good. No billionaire feels the slightest difference in their lifestyle for paying a few million dollars in taxes,  but oh what an ego sting.

Let's focus our ire on those who are using their wealth power to stifle the marketplace and hold back our economic growth. The basic truth of it is, if we are more prosperous at all levels it gives us more to spend on things rich people sell. The issue again is not that they need more sales, if it were they would see paying a few taxes as the investment it is. The problem is their egos. Watching those below them suffer is the only enjoyment left for some.

Sunday, November 7, 2021


Have you ever been hanging out around a group of "manly men" and someone who is obviously, outwardly gay walks by, just simply going about THEIR business. Sometimes one in the group will chime up, eithe within the group, or sometimes loud enough to be heard, " well that one's petty (expletive) gay,"  The obvious answer to this is "DUH, YA". Say it together, "They were born that way."

Some of the younger folks may need to look up Rock Hudson. Rock Hudson chose his career, his partner, his house, his drapes, etc. He had no reason to " choose" to be gay. Nature, or if you like, GOD, chose for him to be gay. It seems to me if you truly believe in God maybe it's time to stop questioning his plan.

Monday, November 1, 2021


 It is a fantasy. The world Republicans and Conservatives have created. They may, like Disney did, try to bring the fantasy to life,  but in the end, like fairy godmothers, evil sorceress queens and hero princes it's all fantasy. Unlike Disney, the Republican and Conservative push to bring the fantasy to life is missing the understanding that it is fantasy. Disney knew it was fantasy, these folks do not.

Wrapped up in a need to have complete control of their surroundings and in absolute terror of losing the upper hand, a fantasy world where they are the victims is better than sharing wealth or power. The irony is, the fantasy they are living is holding them back from taking their place in the inevitable change we need, in order to survive as a civilization on earth. While they hide behind faith and victimhood, reminiscing about the glory days, others are taking up the cause, delivering the change and developing the tech and systems to run the new world. A new world they will have no power in.

The question is, how. How do we break through the gaslighting that dogs their view of the world? How do we introduce them to reality again and help them see the great possibilities in it?

The future we are heading toward right now is authoritarian. An authorization America, an authoritarian Russia and an authoritarian China will pretty much see global affairs descend into a warlord scenario not unlike some nations have experienced. Human and individual rights will fall prey to the whims of power and those who seek it. Those who fall into line following the dog whistle version of "freedom" cried out by those seeking power will not get what they want because as soon as their view deviates even a little from the authority's, they will be cast to the side. We can see this with Trump on almost a daily basis even now.

Without a true champion of freedom and human rights in the world we are doomed to follow bullies, fighting their battles as they seek more power. As we have all to often seen, no amount of power is ever enough for those addicted to it.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


 It's not just anti-vaxxers and Trumpers who are challenged when it comes to dealing with the realities we face today. You look at anyone who has a cause and you can pick out points where they ignore something to make room for their view. It is for sure, far more extreme around COVID and the ousted former president of the United States, but it is part of how people interact with almost anything they disagree with. 

Why is it worth mentioning? Simply put, we can't solve real issues or make progress on serious problems if we can't accept the reality of the problem or the validity of a solution. We're doomed if we just ignore things we don't like or don't fit our narrative.

Climate change is real and is being driven by human activity, but we simply can't change what we need to change on a dime. We have to acknowledge the inability of people to make the kind of changes they need to and want to because they are stuck in the system as it sits. People need to get from their apartment to where they earn their living and get their necessities back to the apartment. All of this requires energy. Right now that energy is carbon based.

The way we dress can send messages and signals, even though we don't intend them. It's not victim blaming to try and help someone to keep themselves safe. The reality is, in some situations people are more likely to respond in a way that has negative consequences. It's not right, it's not acceptable, but it's reality.

We are segregating ourselves into such small little groups in little comfort zones it's getting impossible to work toward a broader good. Sit through any "help group" relating to any conditions or disease and you soon see there is no other problem or issue that matters, only the one they advocate for. We need to get counseling on how to make it work in a group and not just demand the group make concessions for us. It's highly likely there are people in the group with troubles of their own. If I don't allow for them and they don't allow for me, how do we coexist?

It will take someone far smarter than this writer to come up with an explanation for how we got here, but for now that will be a waste of time and effort. Of far more importance is finding our way out of this. Reprogramming millions of people and rewiring their thought processes to see, acknowledge and deal with the reality in front of them. It's more than enough to deal with. For many the thought of having someone help them think differently is the problem, and terrifying.  It's not about controlling thought, it's all about freeing it.

Friday, September 3, 2021


 For those wondering if the current batch of weather related calamities, obviously driven by the relentlessly warming climate, will cause a change in thinking; the answer is no. The machinery is already completed its work to overload their limited capacity for new information  with false and misleading statements. 

That is all.

Thursday, September 2, 2021


 It has been a long time since we have been able put some real consistent effort into our blog. Once Biden was in office it seemed good to try and let things settle and with the calm competence restored it was less vital to have this little voice whispering in the wind. When T was fired from his position with the United States government there was a lot of hope. Hope that there would be a return to some kind of reasoning as a basis for our actions. It never materialized, in fact hope was wasted.

What happened to whites? It has to be asked because in this part of the world, the current state of things lay directly at the feet of disgruntled white, primarily, guys. It would be understandable if there was some great injustice being thrust upon them, but there is not. We continue to enjoy easier access to better jobs and better living conditions than others in North America. So where does the mantra of white victimhood come from and what does it serve other than giving power to people who don't deserve it. 

So after relaxing and hoping sanity would make a comeback here we are, with more craziness than anyone could have imagined. I guess the fight for reality must go on.


Sunday, August 29, 2021


Trump is a resounding failure at every government related thing he has touched. He is after all clueless on the working and challenges of governance. He campaigned as an outsider who had all the answers. He hnew everything,  no one knew more, or had the skills. It was transparently wrong then and has been proven wrong over and over since. His negligence is killing Americans by the tens of thousands, and yet, Trump is not the main problem.

Republicans have abandoned their country and their people in an egregious way.  It is, and should be, unforgivable. There is no coercion that is an excuse for standing by while thousands in your charge are left to die and millions are sickened. So where do we look to find the source of the GOP cowardice?

Now we are getting information that the Senate panel "investigating" the run up to the Russian interference investigation and the Bidens is laundering Russian disinformation provided DIRECTLY from a Russian operative. This is rapidly becoming group treason.



It's often difficult to watch or even grasp how people, many who we know and love can be seeing things so differently than we are. It is equally troubling to see them ignore reality in favor of obviously, provably false information. For some of these people, we have to face reality as well. They are gone. They do not live on the same planet we do, but do still occupy space here. How is it possible?

How do you turn your back on your world view when you have committed to it so deeply? For some the have committed to their very soul. Were they always this angry, always bigoted to some degree, always craving to play the role of victim? Did the rise of propaganda and Trump give them licenses to be themselves, or were they simply conned? Fed a line that they liked and felt comfortable with? What ever their introduction, many are too far in to turn back. Our task is to face reality ourselves and accept they are effectively gone.

The biggest challenge faced by those of us remaining here on world one is making the changes we need to in the face of the our friends and loved ones who seek to stand in the way. It is tempting to want to sidestep them and move on with the task at hand, but we cannot. Despite living in a different reality they maintain a physical presence in this one, all too often with power. We must find a way though.  The issues drew far too many and are far too important. Survival level important. 

Climate change 
Human rights
Food security 
Democracy and freedom 

Humans stand to be the only species to face extinction where the primary causes are going to be ignorance and apathy. 

Photo by TainĂ¡ Bernard from Pexels


 CNN'S Smerconish breaks down an exchange between a Fox reporter and Biden as Biden trying to have it both ways. Biden saying he is responsible but then casting blame on Trump. Smerconish later speaks of his own both sides view as nuance.

What is missing in his view of the exchange is nuance. It is everything the Republicans can hope for to have Biden accept full responsibility for managing  the catastrophe they let Trump heap on the nation without implicating them and Trump for it. It's like expecting the cleaning staff to take responsibility for the dump on the floor, just because they are in the room when it stinks.

The media is in too much of a rush to prove they were not against Trump and to show they are just as hard on Biden. The problem is the two are not equivalent. Biden is doing the best he can for America and Americans and TPG was not. The media has been riding the Trump ratings train for so long they have forgotten that he was never worthy of anything except his ability to hype. The atmosphere remains so polarized they have lost the skill of "reporting". No one ever just says, "A happened today". There is always a spin and always winner and loser.

America has to get back to reporting facts and occurrences and not always being entitled to have an opinion on it. 

Sunday, August 22, 2021


 It started off being annoying and to some degree amusing. People with no scientific background listening to people with limited scientific background deciding they know better than medical experts, wanting to opt out of vaccination programs that have been running safely for decades, saving millions of lives and preventing immense human suffering. Then came COVID-19.

                  Photo by Tess Myrl from Pexels

The debate over the safety of the vaccine would have to wait for a vaccine to be developed. The speed with which the vaccine was developed made for easy targets for those intent on spreading suspicion about it, but even that had to wait for the misinformation and fraud about the virus. Even questioning the actual existence of the virus as it sickened and killed millions of people world wide. One of the biggest questions about the anti vaccine movement is the motivation of its proponents. Those who began it early on may have had positive intentions. It's difficult to see positive intentions among the Republicans pushing people into dangerous,  even desperate situations.

It still begs the question, what is the motivation behind Ron Desantis and his dumbfounding handling of COVID-19? Is it an honest belief that people are falling ill and dying for no reason? Does he fear that if he changes his view that he will be seen as weak? Is he trying to cull the working class and will change when his demographic is more directly affected? The questions are many, but what ever the answer the current situation in Florida is as dire as it is avoidable.

Non of this is to imply that Florida is the only place where there is COVID-19 hardship. What is in common about the most affected places though, is Conservative based governments. 


 It doesn't take a genius to see through the lousy, bad faith moves being made by Republicans around the hearings into their attempted overthrow of the American government. What's sad is the number of people who are willing to suspend reality and live in a world where the siege of the US Capitol building was not wrong, and that it would have some how benefited them.

The object of their undying devotion does not work that way though. He doesn't care about any person outside of himself. It has yet to be seen how he will deal with a choice between his own legal interests and those of his children. I wouldn't be getting too comfortable with my position if I was one of his kids. Others, well they are only as valuable as what they are doing at any moment. He only cared about the rioters, insurrectionist mob when they were committing violence against America for him. 

It is tiresome continuing to expect or hope that his followers will come to their senses. They won't. They are either too invested in false claims or are unable to deal with the shame of admitting they have been conned.