Monday, November 9, 2020


 Relief, at the departure, not of a man, but of indecency, dishonesty, ineptitude and destructiveness. The argument to many is what difference does it make, what business is it of people outside of America. Why do people  feel the right to comment and even try to play a part in the "Resistance"? A single word answer; containment.

The past 4 years, culminating in the dystopian theme park that has been 2020 has been a direct result of not just the man, but the forces that enable him, support him and more easily; tolerate him. It is vital to all of us that we do all we can to ensure the attempt he made is unsuccessful. The themes used to fuel his rise need to be put back in the bottle.

A return to science, facts and data for planning and decision making is welcome. I am once again invited to believe my own eyes. Trees are not pink, the sky not orange. Make no mistake, the problems aren't gone, nor are the forces that propel toxic ideology, but for now at least, they are not at the helm of the free world. 

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