Sunday, July 19, 2020


It really is, especially for someone who is as desperate as Trump is, easy for him to be a hero. Millions of his people are becoming sick. Tens of thousands are dying. What does he have to do to be the hero? 



Yet Donald J. Trump, President of The United States of America, with the power of the American Republic available to him, does even worse than nothing, he actively obstructs the response. He could have been THE HERO that saved America and GUARANTEED his re-election by simply acting on the advice of the experts. But he couldn't; can't. He couldn't admit to not knowing everything about a communicable disease that experts with decades of school and experience can't yet wrap their heads around, and be the hero, only he has the power to be.

So instead of being the hero, Donald has turned America into an international disgrace. A infectious pit that is shunned by the industrialized world eager to avoid turning back the clock on the sacrifice they have borne to control the spread of the virus causing COVID-19. Is there a scheme behind the stunning madness? Is he following orders from outside actors eager to take advantage of the unparalleled chaos within America's protective institutions? Or is Donald Trump just that deranged and STUPID?

Equally baffling is the GOP and their drop off the moral abyss. To be clear, they have, for a long time now, only been on the narrowest ledge when it comes to moral judgment. Now though they have completely given up on the notion of even appearing to care about the state or fate of America. Closing in on ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSND DEAD AMERICANS, and the GOP can't pull away from Trump and save their nation. 

The American republic is on a figurative and literal ventilator right now and November 3rd looms large. Trump and his Republican lackeys may be the most important illness to shake.

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