Thursday, June 18, 2020


The astonishing silence of the NRA in the wake of George Floyd's murder at the hands of a white police officer and world wide protests condemning it and the plight of black people in America, speaks volumes. It speaks to the systemic racism in the NRA and to the validity of the NRA as an organization. It also screams volumes about the validity of the NRA's arguments supporting the interpretation of the individual rights afforded by the Second Amendment.

If the argument is, the Second Amendment is designed to ensure the American people have a right to maintain arms as a means of protecting themselves from government tyranny, then surely the NRA should be standing tall with the message that arming black Americans would be the best way to counter police violence. They should also be showing the constitutional protections in place to allow an individual to take action against a police officer or any other government official. They are not making this argument and, rightly, SHOULD NOT BE. It does though, lay bare both the obvious racism of the NRA and the obsolescence of the second amendment as it is currently flogged on Americans.

When multiple shooting incidents happen in the United States, the vast majority are carried out by white men. Each of these incidents spurs the discussion of implementing commonsense policies. You can always count on the NRA to stand up and argue against denying powerful weapons to white men who kill indiscriminately with them.
You can also count on desperate and pointless politicians to use the Second Amendment as a racist dog whistle. Jim Jordan did that on Twitter today when calling out Chief Justice John Roberts for doing his job fairly.

There are no provisions in the Constitution of the United States that allow for an individual to make a determination of tyranny, nor, for certain,  to act on it with lethal force. It's impossible, since one person may see speed limits in a school zone as a tyrannical interference instead of a reasonable rule allowing for the safety of children. Instead, as we are seeing now, the framers allow for "peaceable assembly" to redress greivince.

The NRA'S silence on the second amendment right for black Americans to arm and defend themselves against police brutality is not wrong. No such right exists, nor does it exist for white men arming themselves then protesting at Michigan's state capitol to intimidate state lawmakers, except the NRA pushes it and system allows it, in obvious racial bias. It's time to admit the NRA's racist bias and close it down. The Second Amendment, as it is currently pushed, is a relic that needs reform as well.

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