Wednesday, June 10, 2020


This one got started before the protests surrounding the curbside execution of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The point was always going to be simple:


It's really easy, people who have hope and a way to make that hope reality will work within the system available to make their situation better. Stack the system against them, kill them randomly without recourse or consequence and they will come up with the consequence on their own, and that is what we are seeing now in the United States. It is particularly evident in the lives of people of colour and first nations people in North America.

Whether it's lack of access to education or testing criteria that is slanted to favor a particular type of person or group. Setting aside the issue of systemic racism which can have some innocent participants; ("it's just how we've always done it...") and consider the way, primarily Republican and conservative controlled jurisdictions keep people on the edge. Programs that can help people survive and move forward have long been proven to help people back on their feet and make society safer. They don't though, offer as much opportunity for control.

The conservative preferences is to keep people desperate, focused on survival, stressing about their day to day, leaving the conservative/Republican power brokers free to continue manipulating the system without thoughtful oversight from an informed public. 

This blog was always intended to shine facts onto discussions all too often dominated by feelings, and far too often misinformation, or as we like to call them LIES. But this goal has become insufficient. The lies and outright fraud being pushed as news and all overtly intended to fraudulently manipulate the choices people are making need to be countered. It is not ever appropriate to 
Outright lie, but we MUST get more aggressive in confronting the tactics being used to take over the world. 

All the campaigns and organizing voters means nothing if obvious REPUBLICAN VOTER SUPPRESSION AND FRAUD are not aggressively countered and exposed. Voter suppression is perhaps the most egregious crime committed against a democracy.

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