Wednesday, May 13, 2020


As the reality of the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to descend on to the White House and its staff it is becoming clear that Trump's reality can't avoid it. This, though, doesn't mean that he will accept what is happening, literally in his own back yard. 

The deaths of over 80,000 American citizens to this pandemic has not phased him and there is no let up in sight. There can't be a let up without definitive action from his administration, and he clearly has little interest in that. Unable to field questions from a press conference on the Rose Garden and constant tweeting about Obama make it clear that Donald Trump is out of the game.

Testing in America remains a shambles everywhere but the White House. Now that there is an increasing number of staffers testing positive for the virus there is no shortage of kits and supplies for tests there. The other place testing is supplied and run well is in Donald Trump's immigration. As is required, the staff and others around him are seeing and propagating the Trump Testing Myth. The reality on the ground, reported by the front line workers is vastly different. There is nothing shocking about disconnect between the real world and Trump's reality. Trump sold his image effectively for years in an environment where the "behind the scenes" reality really was behind the scenes and you could choose what happened in front of the audience.  The presidency isn't supposed to work that way; que Mitch McConnell. 

Somewhere there has to be a breakthrough in reality, but with the GOP enabling Trump's fantasy it seems sadly unlikely. 

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