Thursday, May 28, 2020


The virus has NOT been modified or lab created, nor has it been concentrated or redistributed. Trump
and FOX#### have though, dampened down the science and understanding of the virus and the pandemic to the point where their following almost gleefully put themselves in danger in a way they would not if they were given proper information. The motive is hard to understand. Do they completely take for granted the loyalty of the millions of people following them, that they are willing to sacrifice themselves and their families to prove a point, that is false on its face?

Millions of Americans,  primarily Trump supporters crammed into bars, onto beaches and tourist sites this holiday weekend. People are understandably eager for some sense of what we have all come to know as normal life. Through crafted messaging though,  these people are being misinformed that this event is rather on the way to being finished or never really was all that bad, 100,000 deaths be damnd. In doing this the Trump Administration is politicizing and weaponizing the pandemic response. 

The irony in all of this, the weaponized response is being aimed with laser-guided precision on Trump's own power base. It seems ironic, but it could also be exactly to plan. It has always been unclear who in the Trump Administration is calling the shots. As cases in the south continue to rise and hospital capacity falls will the willing followers finally being to look at the reality around them and compare it to the stream of lies and misinformation from Trump, FOX#### and OANN? The people are dying and sooner or later have to draw the conclusion that the picture they are being asked to believe isn't the same as where they are.
Any way you look at things in the USA right now there is a single common DESTABILIZED reality, growing harsher and harsher, day by day. The every day running of America is more unstable every day. We all know who benefits most from this reality, and it seems certain that Trump will continue to weaponize this situation as long as Putin continues to work on his campaign from the back rooms.

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