Monday, May 11, 2020


This blog started off as fact-checking and presenting factual information in a way that I hoped people would understand. I soon acknowledged the resources involved were too great. People needed to understand what was happening to them and that they were being fooled. Pieces talked about trying to understand how you can be manipulated, like "Are You Being Informed Or Inflamed". Discussing how emotion is used to override your critical thinking and make you feel a certain way about an issue instead of knowing about it and then making up your own mind about how you feel. We discussed recognizing bias and opinion as opposed to facts in something you are reading, We've asked the question, "Does Donald Trump Lie?", or is he just relating what he sees from a point of view that is not based in the reality we all live in.

 It has also been raised on this blog that we should not be repeating Donald Trump's lies and views over and over again to "fact-check" them because that is not what we are really doing. When we do this we are click-baiting to try and get clicks from people trying to feed on our collective rage against Trump. It is purely a money making ploy, and it further distributes his messages of division and hate. We have watched over time as the handlers and manipulators behind the scene have been tearing down the institutions that protect the United States from sliding into dictatorship, and therefore protect the world from having a dictator with the power of the American military and nuclear forces wondering what their long term game is. Are they colluding with a foreign power or clearing the way for a future autocrat to ascend to power using the doors that are being left open now. It's a scary time, without the pandemic, but the pandemic has laid bare the urgency of the moment in immediate terms. What is taking place around the botched response to the real and immediate crisis of COVID-19 in the states is undeniable. It stark and immediate terms, the actions of the White House is directly costing the lives of 10 of thousands of Americans. The world has become accustomed to, maybe too much so, American leadership in times like these. Her might, ingenuity and sheer power have helped guide, or even just push the international community through some tough times. What is going on, now. will seemingly drag us down for far longer than what may be needed.

To be clear and upfront, this blog is located outside the United States, but only the most naive look at American politics and believes its influence is restricted to the borders of the USA. We all have a stake in what goes on in Washington, as did the rest of the world have a stake in what was going on in Berlin Germany in the 1930s. With this in mind, it seems like it is time to become a little more offensive in the approach. Launching a few twitter missiles at this guy, to change a few minds is now in order. To be clear, no misinformation. Just putting some truths out there in a way that may get some attention, MAY open a few minds.

With less than 10 days until the presidential voting deadline of November 3rd, have enough Americans opened their eyes to the reality of this election. A Trump vote, is a vote for hopelessness. 

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