Sunday, April 19, 2020


There are plenty of reasons to question the motives of governments but the prevalence of conspiracy theories has become invasive. Speaking only of the current pandemic I have some thoughts.

I'm not speaking as an expert, since I am not, but I am not without experience. I have been a part of pandemic planning meetings on both a provincial and national level in a previous career path. What I bring from that is a lack of surprises in the current situation.  Pandemics are cyclical, have a reasonable predictability of occurance, and a particular hallmark of being new enough that there is no herd immunity in the general population.

At the time I was involved we were almost exclusively discussing novel influenza. It had the most historical prevalence and at that time we were a good 15 to 20 years overdue.  I had responsibility for managing the volunteer group that deploys the field hospitals we have heard so much about lately. Planning and training sessions covered many scenarios on macro and minor levels. Who was essential and may get access to medicine in limited supply,  what role military can fill, what can be done to reduce transmission, what makes a good location, etc...

We live in an era controlled by humans, so of course there are those who may seek to take advantage of the situation. There isn't clear evidence that this virus didn't form in nature as has been happening for eons, and in my understanding is not acting in a way or being responded to in a suspicious or surprising way.

Conspiracy can be comfortable because it hints at control. The notion that there is a process in nature that seems to have, as it's main purpose, developing ways to kill us is scary as hell. If we lump it on unseen human villains then we can defeat it and make it stop. In the end a pandemic becomes no different than other natural events like hurricanes,  earthquakes or wildfires.  All you can do is heed the warnings,  prepare as much as you can and take shelter.



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