Thursday, November 21, 2019


We have to prepare ourselves for the information war to escalate.  We are at war in cyberspace and the western democracies are losing badly.  The war is not physical, it's psychological. We are being ripped apart, nations and institutions. It is not only the United States being attacked. It is the entirety of western democracy.

We are being turned on each other. It's like the classic movie scene where the guy escapes by getting the people angry at each other and running away when they start fighting. It is again not just the Americans.  It's Brexit, its separatism in Western Canada, it goes on and on.

How do we prepare? What are the weapons? How do we recognize a cyber weapon? What's real news? What's fake news? So many questions. It is very easy to not take the risk seriously. If the Russians were flying planes and dropping bombs, we'd get it fast. If the Russians were dropping leaflets from aircraft we'd get it fast. If the Russians were writing in the sky we'd get it. They are not doing these easy to notice things, but we still MUST GET IT.

This is be the beginning of a series on where we are going to layout preparations for the cyberwar targeting YOU. it is important to understand YOU are the target.  Your point of view, your feelings, your relationships, your loyalties, your patriotism and much more are under direct attack.

Our next in this series, DISSECTING A MEME.

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