Thursday, November 21, 2019


As the United States, and frankly, the world continues to watch the impeachment hearings there is a clear sense of history. There is also a clear hope that the hearings will, as happened during Watergate, bring public opinion around. Around to what depends, honestly on your grasp of reality. In any case, people are hoping their position on the event will gain traction among the public at large, voters more particularly. Is there a difference between Watergate, BJgate and Ukrainegate? Of course, there is a difference.

In the previous two impeachment cases, there was no social media or even the Internet. You would not have been reading anything from a small website like FactMissile, or any other little opinionated guy. Everything came from the major news sources of the time. Some argue this is a good thing, though even as I sit here putting this together for you to read, I am less sure about it than many. Although I appreciate the opportunities this wide open landscape offers, there is far too much availability for abuse. Meddling in the minds of people watching is incredibly easy in the highly targeted world of Facebook and other platforms. Misinformation and lies have always been a problem but they are pervasive now. Media companies have large conglomerations of properties causing skepticism of the freedom of their news units and the intelligence and propaganda divisions of governments have become skilled at crafting campaigns to twist the narrative to suit their goals.

People have busy lives nowadays, right. They have little time to sit and watch hours and hours of testimony coming out of the impeachment hearings. People spend so much screen time it is really hard to say with a straight face they couldn't focus it on something as important and historic as what is happing now in Washington DC, but the truth is many won't, leaving the people crafting sound bites free to patch together whatever narrative they want to, presenting a sideways view to the people they reach. This is beyond dangerous, it is DESTRUCTIVE. Republican members have already orchestrated stunts that were designed for only the purpose of creating soundbites for their twitter and facebook accounts to broadcast an appearance that they are being shut down from asking their own questions. They have a considerable reach with the many people who don't have an attention span or time to watch it fully to assess the context of the hearings on their own. There is little doubt that the RUSSIANS will also be playing this game along with the Chinese and other governments hostile to American interests.

It is vital that people take the time to watch these proceedings on their own and get the full context of the hearings and events that have led to this point in history. The fate of the United States
literally rests in the balance.

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