Monday, November 4, 2019


A good conspiracy theory often starts with a real occurrence or at least a factual seed on which a pile of misinformation is heaped. Sometimes they are just plain fabrications like "The Bowling Green Massacre". So what are we looking for to pick up on a conspiracy theory?

Vague connections between people are given more weight than they have in reality. This is used heavily in Clinton murder conspiracies. John Doe worked for the Jane Doe Campaign and died under unclear circumstances. Campaigns of the size required to run nationally are massive undertakings. Staff can be, and often are spread over large areas. Many work for campaigns without regular contact with a candidate. Any number of these workers would have minor roles nationally with little contact and limited access to vital information. In life things happen and again, with the size of national political operations there is lots of opportunity for unrelated occurrences.

"Mysterious circumstances" is another conspiracy theory catch phrase, along with others that give the same signal. Something's happening  that we don't know about,  or more to their point, there is something going on, "they" are not telling us about.  Not every piece of information has to be released on an investigation. There is clearly opportunity for corruption in investigations for a number of reasons ranging from prestige and self promotion to greed and criminal coverup along with others. When information is not released it is easy, even natural to fill in the blanks, though, insisting that the missing information is incriminating MUST COME WITH FACTUAL EVIDENCE.

Don't be confused, there is room for legitimate questions when things go down, but along with asking those questions there has to be someone we are willing to accept the answer from, even if it isn't the answer we were expecting to hear.  Ask yourself who you are willing to believe on any question if the answer was not what you thought it would or should be. There are a ton of very legitimate questions around the attacks on September 11th 2001, however many of them have been answered and we can't just shrug them off without real verifiable evidence. How did 3 buildings, hit in different areas,  one not directly impacted at all collapse straight down, minimizing impact on surrounding structures? It's a valid question. Just because some of the answers don't make sense to me doesn't make them invalid,  my expertise in the field is EXTREMELY limited.

Conspiracy theories can come from people who have legitimate concerns about issues, people who have a point of view and trouble dealing with reality and most troubling, people who want to manipulate the first two groups. It's important to not shrug off the early questions but for all of us, we have to ask questions evaluate real evidence and take responsibility for not being taken in by manipulation coming from near by and far away

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