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Saturday, October 5, 2019


Is the real question, why aren't people allowed to learn from past mistakes. Politics are probably the extreme example of this phenomenon where we need people with experience to deal with the issues we face, but they are somehow supposed to get their experience without the most important tool for developing experience; error.

There is no lapse in judgment tolerated in a politician's past, no matter how informative it is to their current situation. Whether it's a poor choice in costume in the past or membership in an organization when they were younger, but now see as reprehensible, good people, of all political stripes need to be allowed to grow. Grow intellectually and grow emotionally to develop the balance of knowledge and experience that will allow them to understand and solve extremely difficult problems.

If we are going to insist on leaders with the innocence of a baby we are going to get leaders with the judgment of a baby.

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