Sunday, October 20, 2019


With the pull out of American forces from Syria and the emerging catastrophe for the Kurdish people a clear void is being left that the Russians under Putin are rapidly filling. This is indisputably a loss for the Kurds, being hung out to dry by Trump after many years toting a heavy load in the fight against ISIS, eroding ISIS' control in that region and keeping them unable to mount attacks in North America. This is a huge win for ISIS and it remains to be seen what it means for their ability mount attacks against targets on the American homeland.

Emerging in this is an uptick of Russian influence in the region. There is a huge downside to this for America and the west as we watch to see what Putin's end game is.  Of particular concern is what goal Putin has and the obvious differences between Trump and Putin.  Trump is clueless on most government issues where Putin, in this scope, very much knows what he is doing. It really is a peewee vs. a pro game going on and that is not good for America.

With the utter chaos underway in Washington and the starburst of focus that America's intelligence services have on issues in and outside the American capital Putin has a pretty much open field in the middle east. America's president has chosen to put his country on the bleachers. We can only hope that Putin's plan will be complete in a short time period with merciful speed. With the void left by Trump's uninformed impulsive move, we are likely to see horrific consequences for our once allies, the Kurds, and negative implications for America and the west for years to come.

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