Sunday, October 20, 2019


There is an argument for oil in the near term and we need to hear it and heed it.

Oil, in western society, has become a very integral part of what gets us through the day, That and electricity keeps our society moving. Like wildlife that gets fed by humans visiting a wild area, we have become dependent on oil and electricity to simply survive. People in North America for sure, and many places in western Europe and other industrialized nations, for the most part, do not have the skills to survive without them. Does this mean we can not alter the system?; no not at all. The issue is the need for a transition.

The transition is going to take time, and many argue that we don't have the time, but sorry there is not a scenario where this can happen overnight. The task is huge and needs to be taken on, with or without the participation of those that resist for personal and business reasons. Governments need to take bold action based on the best advice from the best people. So what about the argument for oil in the near term? Survival. We need to keep society together during the transition.

We live in a huge apartment complex, that when we started was amazing, but time has taken a tole and our complex is, frankly due to be condemned. We are all being told we have to get out of the complex, but there is nowhere for us to go. We can't just drop the system we have, we don't know how to do it outside of the complex we are in. We must begin, with haste, building the new complex, but until we are in a position to move into somewhere new, beating the drum that we are doomed and must leave is going to be met with resistance from not only those with business interests, but those that simply have to make it through the day.

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