Tuesday, October 15, 2019


"The mainstream media is biased against Trump. "

It's a refrain from supporters of Donald Trump that the mainstream media has a negative bias, only reporting on negative things going on. The issue here is the role the media is to play in a constitutional democracy is one of the checks on the power of government.

It is well proved that Donald J. Trump has lied to the extreme while in office. Lied on an astonishing number of subjects, often requiring very little effort to debunk. Many of the lies swirl around efforts to interfere with investigations of conduct of his family, businesses and campaign with direct links to his role as President Of The United States. There is considerable evidence of criminal activity around the president. This is not a conviction in court, Donald Trump remains innocent until proven guilty of any crime.

With all of this going on what is expected of the journalistic community? Putting it in a smaller, easier to understand bite, think of your family. Think of someone saying they were going to help, saying they were going to fix complicated issues, telling you bad things about your friends and other that have helped you in the past. All the while it appears he has been taking advantage of your family on many levels, maybe it's money, maybe it's with the women in the family, whatever it is he appears to be doing very serious wrongs to the family. Who in the family is required to remind you that he did a great job grooming the yard?

If there was a balance between the questionable and the positive there would be an argument for balancing coverage, but there is not. The negative and the false are the primary items on the menu and no one is obliged to make it softer for the president who is incapable of doing it himself.

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