Friday, October 25, 2019


Taking a moment to question how things are going can be hard, but if you don't you end up often being what you thought you were here to combat. When this was started it was a direct counter to things like FOXNEWS and INFOWARS. Well patronized and produced propaganda whose factual content seemingly relied as much on accidental coincidence as it did on good investigation. It was certainly never our thought to be countering propaganda with propaganda, but putting facts back into the conversation.

Rand Paul was recently on The View and presented the facts on taxes. Lower income earners in the United States pay little to no income tax and the top 1% pay approx 40%. I say this like I know it, but it was Politifact that did the fact check for Mr. Paul in this case. It would have been easy to sit in that audience and jeer at the facts because it doesn't fit the popular narrative.  It's too easy to assume that a person is not being factual just because they have a history of being misinformed.  It's also easy to sit on the couch and tap pearls of wisdom into a smartphone and click publish. Trying to do an in-depth analysis of the amount lower-income earners pay in consumption taxes is for a different post.

We started off trying to be a fact checking site  but soon decided that thumbing through the established fact checking sites every time a fact needed to be checked was not really being honest about what this was supposed to be. (There are links on the sidebar to visit them.) A slight change in direction now sees us trying to put things in perspective in very short posts, usually around 3 paragraphs, to match the attention span of people online, but still more thorough than a tweet. Trying to keep it simple for those that need a little help crossing the "information " superhighway.

Our intention is not just to stand by crying; "Liar liar pants on fire", but to give people some skills to sort out for themselves if the piece they are reading, or listening to is trying to inform or if it is simply trying to make them feel a particular way. Giving people the tools to sort out what they are being fed is the most important thing we can do in the medium and longer term. In the short term we have to take on these forces directly. FOXNEWS needs to be held to account for intentionally providing false information. Not "misinformation" not "erroneous information", but intentionally FALSE information, hiding behind it being opinion. It has to stop and one way it can is for people to understand it and see it for what it is. We hope to help with that.


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