Saturday, October 5, 2019


A lot has happened since this original post.  There was a previous update focusing on the impeachment, but all of that means little now. COVID-19 has stormed on to the scene and left bare the ridiculous ineptitude of DONALD JOHN TRUMP, the first NONPRESIDENT to be in office and the worst crisis manager in United States History.


The question seems to ask itself.  Why is there nothing happening to try and stop what appears to be such overwhelmingly obvious corruption in the United States Government?

By every measure the Republican Party appears to be aiding and abetting Donald Trump in making money off of his presidency, obstructing investigations into his conduct, before and after the election, in getting assistance from foreign powers in getting elected, tearing down the systems that are meant to keep things in check. So what is the situation?

What are we to expect from the Democratic House Leadership? It seems that a line of some kind has finaly been crossed.  Since the revelations about the contacts between Donald Trump and the president of the Ukraine in which Trump asked for an investigation to dig up dirt on Democratic candidate Joe Biden, the House of Representatives has now begun a formal impeachment enquiry.

Trump's propaganda machine has been trying to undermine the investigation,  as they worked at doing during the Mueller investigation, but seem out of practice, having released a summary transcript of the call which clearly shows Trump asking for an investigation of his political opponent and his son.

If the mainstream media is accurate in their reporting and they do all seem to have gotten the same release from the White House, then we have finally arrived to where America just may be able to save itself.  Powerful Trump defenders like Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell need to come around. If these men are being blackmailed, and it really seems possible; a deal and protection may be in order for the good of the American nation.

Whether Trump is a puppet of a foreign power, or has managed to install a mafia style system on his own the problem is the same.  The political machine in place right now is intent on seizing power and dismantling the government institutions that keep at least some balance between those who seek unlimited power and those who have the least power.

For the record this is not just an American issue. A destabilized America is an open door for nations, not all with good human rights records, to spread influence and perhaps their boundaries. So step up, get informed and get involved and help ensure the answer to the question " Has the American Republic been lost?"; is a firm and resounding; NO!

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