Friday, October 11, 2019


Atheists follow a belief that there is no god  or creative entity to explain our existence. It all just simply happened. Objective evidence can't support this position. On the other hand there is clearly no objective evidence for God, in any form that organized religion has offered.

Where atheism falls short is the absolutism that no creator can be involved. Even fully accepting that the big bang was the beginning of the known universe, where did the pinhead size infinitely dense ball of matter come from? That will never be anything but speculation. Did it happen as a chain reaction to something else,  or is it a cycle of expansion and contraction that goes on infinitely? Or did an experiment lead to our universe? Either way we are here and there is no way to know for sure where the start point came from.

The objective evidence in favor of an overseeing entity is equally scarce. There is in fact no evidence whatsoever of any management at all, at least in the realm of human activity. A system of checks and balances exists in the natural world, but was that by intelligent design or just a matter of ebb and flow falling into place? Whether there was intelligence behind the design or not is immaterial, at this point it is what it is.

As for human endeavors the evidence does not support an overseeing entity,  period. An all powerful entity could, be able to oversee and control the workings of human society with little effort and without subletting power to humans with whom power is easily and observably abused. Why should an entity with as strong a need for adulation as is taught in most religions allow the abuse by religious leaders that causes so many to question the existence of God? They wouldn't.

Sorry Bill Maher, we can't disprove the possibility of an entity above us starting the chain of events leading to our existence. It is clear though, if a genesis entity does exist, it either does not know, or does not care about the humans on planet Earth.

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