Friday, September 20, 2019


Not that long ago, if you heard something you didn't like or made you angry there was a cool down period. If it was news worthy you could get some information from the newspaper or TV or radio news. None of these sources were perfect, but for the most part the were credible agencies and there was enough of them to ensure some competition toward getting the story right.

Now days RAGE is a business and an effective political strategy. Rage keeps the clicks coming in and the money and the votes. Somewhere along the line we have given up the concept of critical thinking.  The ability to point out places where a narrative doesn't make sense and ask ourselves whether it is real or fake, worth agreeing with or standing against.  How have we gotten to this place?

One obvious thought is a down turn in education and literacy. People of all walks of life don't know how to read effectively.  No, reading is not just being able to pronounce words. It involves not just being able to figure out meaning either. In today's environment, reading also means being able to interpret intent. Why is the writer trying to make the point and what is the writer trying to make me feel. Make no mistake that the majority of things you read are attempting to make you feel something, because you will act on your feelings. Feelings of rage motivate people to the polls, while feelings of resignation and apathy keep people away from the polls. Either case can be a plus depending on who the piece is targeting. This piece included.

Yes I'm targeting you.  I am trying as best I can to wake people up and give them some tools to recognize when we are being manipulated. It's vital to getting our civilized society back.

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