Friday, September 20, 2019


Not that long ago, if you heard something you didn't like or made you angry there was a cool down period. If it was news worthy you could get some information from the newspaper or TV or radio news. None of these sources were perfect, but for the most part the were credible agencies and there was enough of them to ensure some competition toward getting the story right.

Now days RAGE is a business and an effective political strategy. Rage keeps the clicks coming in and the money and the votes. Somewhere along the line we have given up the concept of critical thinking.  The ability to point out places where a narrative doesn't make sense and ask ourselves whether it is real or fake, worth agreeing with or standing against.  How have we gotten to this place?

One obvious thought is a down turn in education and literacy. People of all walks of life don't know how to read effectively.  No, reading is not just being able to pronounce words. It involves not just being able to figure out meaning either. In today's environment, reading also means being able to interpret intent. Why is the writer trying to make the point and what is the writer trying to make me feel. Make no mistake that the majority of things you read are attempting to make you feel something, because you will act on your feelings. Feelings of rage motivate people to the polls, while feelings of resignation and apathy keep people away from the polls. Either case can be a plus depending on who the piece is targeting. This piece included.

Yes I'm targeting you.  I am trying as best I can to wake people up and give them some tools to recognize when we are being manipulated. It's vital to getting our civilized society back.

Monday, September 16, 2019


We have to deal with the problem of romanticizing the notion of "a regular person" as a national leader. Joe working the counter at the gas bar/donut shop since he was sixteen is not equipped to deal with the issues in modern politics. He can't deal with international disputes, has no clue about the spies, environment, etc. etc. etc.etc.

We all love the thought that our "common sense" if there is such a thing, could be effective in solving all the great issues we face. And the simple answer is WRONG!.

The truth is, most people have a limited capacity to deal with and understand things on a macro level. World politics and conflict and economics are not things that can be summed up at the kitchen table. Most average people have trouble balancing income and expenses for their household nevermind a national budget.

We need people in these positions with focus, and a capacity to look at situations from many angles without defaulting to an entrenched ideology which all too often has proven wrong. It makes common folks crazy, but these types of people tend to be successful on their own, which only makes sense, if they have the skills to organize a campaign and operate an enterprise as complicated as government, they have the capability of attaining personal wealth and success.

Now we can focus on the real issue. Not all billionaires and millionaires are the same.  They don't have the same values or lack of values. They aren't all sociopaths or all philanthropists. So, yes we must choose wisely who we want to lead our society,  but let's not try and give the job to the hopelessly unqualified out of simple jealousy.

Sunday, September 8, 2019


Trump takes his lying and delusions very seriously. After enormously saying that Hurricane Dorian was forecast to possibly impact Alabama he produces a self doctored map showing an extension to the forecast track of the storm, presumably drawn with a Sharpie. The most appropriate reaction to this comical show of pettiness, as expressed by both mainstream and social media was to laugh out loud while calling it out.

A Trump apologist embedded in NOAA was directing, legitimate weather forecasters to not challenge Trumps imaginary forecast track, as shown in the infamous and ridiculous crayon drawing.

In an environment where real fact based reporting is called FAKE NEWS such a childish attempt at covering up an obvious inaccurate statement would cross some sort of line within the Trumpers, right? Sadly, no.

What is the secret behind Trump's contagious and constant state of delusion?