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Tuesday, August 27, 2019


There is an active movement outside of the United States made up of people who are not affiliated, not organized and not intending harm the U.S. as they work toward the common goal of stopping Donald Trump. More accurately, it is to stop the brand of politics that has seen Donald Trump rise to a position of such power.

Mr.Trump has been branded many things; misogynist, racist, fascist, authoritarian, and sociopath just to name a few. The most concerning trait, though, is clueless. Let's be clear that Donald Trump has been running an organization for a lot of years. We can argue as to how well he runs the Trump Organization, but bottom line, it has afforded him a number of properties, worldwide recognition, a private jet etc. Clearly, in no way has that prepared him for the Presidency. On macro issues, outside of his home organization he is uneducated, uninformed and seems unable to transition into the role of POTUS.
A key problem is the support system that continues to prop him up, by feeding him hopelessly bad information and steering him in directions not only bad for the United States,  but all nations, and Trump himself. A person displaying traits commonly associated with narcissism unable to admit his lack of knowledge or even recognize it, Mr.Trump would be putty in the hands of skilled political and intelligence operatives. Donald Trump's supporters are just as pliable and they are not alone. There are people in all nations who are frightened and concerned about their way of life.

The forces at play around Donald Trump are varied and don't necessarily share the same goals. They have seen the same opportunity though,  whether it's to destabilize the United States and by extension NATO, enhance the power of religious and business leaders or simple greed and self-enrichment, there is no shortage of organized and unorganized efforts to sway Donald Trump. Mr Trump appears unequipped to understand nevermind deal with forces at play around him. To be fair, I wouldn't stand a snowball's chance in hell either. Standing in the hurricane is far different than watching the satellite loop from a smart phone.

Twitter and Facebook are loaded with actors spreading misinformation about political, religious and civil conflict effectively tearing apart countries. Stoking fears of migrants attempting to take over countries instead of becoming part of their new homeland. Misinformation about political leaders and parties, religious leaders, climate science, it goes on and is as effective and destructive as any weapon. Twitter and Facebook are also loaded with people trying to counter this misinformation. Troublingly, this is sometimes done with misinformation as well. People need to know where and how to find correct information for there to be any trust again.

Any way you look at it, what happens in the United States has an effect almost anywhere on the planet. Whether it is by policies that are developed or by simply normalizing this type of political operation and conduct we all have a vested interest in what happens in Washington DC and for returning it to America's normal political workings.

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