Wednesday, August 21, 2019


The question is does he lie or is he simply talking about the world he sees. A world of imagination where the reality most of us see does not exist. A world where he does know everything, and how could he not, it's all of his making. It seems in Donald Trump's world he can fly and is the only one who can fix anything.

The more important question is why do so many people join him in his world? Why do so many suspend their intellect and join him in an imaginary dimension where what you see is filtered through his delusions?

Being frustrated when Donald Trump says things that are clearly not true may be the same as getting frustrated when a quadriplegic doesn't stand for the national anthem. Determining what is true seems to be beyond Donald Trump's capabilities and it can be argued that it's not his fault.  Can it be argued that it makes him unfit for a government job, nevermind the job of president?

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