Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Human nature can be a funny thing.  It can make us hunker down in an argument, knowing we are wrong and keep pushing trying to win. Trump supporters are locked in this cycle now, it matters not if they are right, it is simply to win is now the only thing left. There are those who simply don't want to admit to being swindled, maybe out of shame  and this is also normal. It's what allows con artists to rack up successful swindles with out being turned in. So where does this put Trump?

Trump is locked in an obvious battle to prevent the people in and out of Congress from seeing the material in Robert Mueller's report.  A report, keep in mind  he trumpeted as exonerating him. Now think about any argument you have been locked in and think, how hard would you work to keep hidden, the information that would have proved you were right.  Now ask why Trump us blocking access, and is willing to give up his next 2 years as president if all we need is to see all the information that proves he's right?

Be objective and be reasonable and you know the answer.