Tuesday, January 1, 2019


As nations ring in the new year a couple of factual thoughts to guide us into the next year.

1. This numbering years thing only matters to us humans.  Earth has far more trips around the sun under its equator than the pathetically minor number of 2019 that we are celebrating.  It's only raised to put some perspective on our role on the planet.  Despite our talent for damaging its life support systems and our verbose ego, humans have, but a minuscule role in the history of our planet.   We seem hell bent on shortening our time on earth.  Let's hope some reality can enter our motives moving forward.

2.  Everyone involved, on both sides of the Atlantic, in the unending attacks on reality must be brought into check.   They are using a vast power of religious beliefs and their understanding of phycological science to change people's perception of reality.  Education must return critical thinking to curriculum everywhere.   It's a scary prospect to those seeking power, that the people they are intending to coerce might be able see the tricks they play.  Now more than ever, knowledge is power, but also freedom.

2019 has every potential to be great, or tragic.  The new energy economy will not only save a place for humans on earth, but is worth TRILLIONS of dollars.  Let's unshackle the innovators in 2019.  The transition is going to take time and there is plenty of room for every sector,  new and old to benefit.

Good luck and Happy New Year.

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