Sunday, January 13, 2019


There are examples all over, of people who have complicated, responsible, important jobs that they execute thoughtfully and efficiently.  Then they step outside and seem to lose even the most basic abilities for critical thinking.  We all have biases.  It's part of our nature.  When we look at a problem, challenging our biases is how we solve the problem.

We need to look at the information provided to us and apply common sense and critical thinking.   The wall is being pushed as a way to stop the "invasion" coming from the south.  The data is clear that there is a near historic low in people coming across America's southern border.  Even if there was a massive throng of people crossing that border, the people who are of concern are healthy enough to find another way.  ISIS isn't sending someone to Mexico to cross the border, then just give up and hit the beach because there is a wall.

There is a problem at the southern border.  It is people trying to get in around the rules.  It needs to be solved, like them or not the rules exist and should be followed or changed if they don't meet the current needs.  But, to be clear, the people you are worried about are NOT coming in with migrants crossing the border.  They have the health and the means to come in where and when they want.  This wall distraction is making it easier for those with means and intent to come in.  Not even accounting for the lapses being created by the shutdown.

Critical thinking can solve problems and open minds. The wall isn't a solution.  It's a distraction diverting attention from real problems.

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