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Saturday, January 12, 2019


In the real world an investigation into how Trump interacted with the Russians appears to have been undertaken by the FBI in 2017.  It is significant,  but in the resistance world has taken on an aura of fait accompli.  If there was an obvious smoking gun that the president was probably acting on behalf of the Russian government does that mean that the FBI would have moved by now or they would hold until he didn't have the power to evade?

In the current Russian run TRUMP/GOP administration is there any safety in making a move?  Likely not.  The FBI investigation results are meaningless until the GOP senior leadership is taken down by what has to amount to a coup within the party.  That assumes that it is the leadership that been compromised, not the party proper.

Are there any patriots left in the party of Lincoln,  or is this the end of The Grand Experiment?

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