Saturday, December 29, 2018


President, if you can call him that, Trump tries to control the messaging by telling the most innate lies.  He knows he can count on the media, both mainstream and social, to repeat them and give them far more exposure.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the growing realizations of Trump's, at best impotence if not compliance with Russia killing Americans through paid proxies he is becoming palpably desperate. That though does not explain how or why the media continues to play into Trump's hands.

We have to admit, I guess, that the Trump name gets clicks and views and that is money in the digital media world.  Whether bashing him or stroking him clicks mean cash.

The media needs to come to grips with the Trump addiction and the role, the very active role, people, even resisters have played in creating the Trump era,  as it has become. If we, in media clusters big and small don't take more care we will usher in 4 more years of Trump and watch over the last 4 years of America. Is THAT really worth a few bucks?

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