Sunday, December 30, 2018


A cornerstone of most free democracies is freedom of belief.  It ties in heavily with freedom of religion.   You are not required to follow a government mandated religious system so that system can't be used to coerce you into supporting actions or participating because of religious requirements.   We've all seen how religious power has been abused to gain power over masses of people.  This, however is not the point of this piece.  This piece is about the limits on belief vs. action.

It can seem complicated because there is no limit on belief.  Literally ZERO LIMITS on what you are allowed to believe.  Your neighbor's son is a hell born satanically conceived demon.  Go ahead, there is nothing limiting your belief, but your actions based on that belief are limited. You can surround your home with demon repelling idols,  if you believe it protects you.  You can't surround your neighbor's house without getting their permission.  You can believe it, but if telling people about it effects the boy getting a job, you could be held accountable for your actions.  Not for the belief, but for the actions you took, based on the belief.

The belief/action line is what is so often crossed these days.  Basing life, work and policy decisions on the alternative reality of belief is steering us down perilous paths with real, observable and documentable consequences. 

Especially in elected officials,  the belief/action must not be crossed.  A belief that school buses can fly can not be allowed form a public policy of driving them off ramps to take flight.  No matter how sincere the believer is.

Too many true and opportunistic believers are trying to run public policy based on the alternative reality of belief, and it must be reigned in.

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