Wednesday, November 7, 2018


It's non of my business what goes on in the White House, right?

I live in Canada and what happens in the United States is none of my business, maybe even has no effect on me, right?

Part of me wants to scream a huge NO WAY, to both of these questions, but clearly the answer is not that easy. Some of the domestic policies that are being put in place, or attempted to be put in place do fall under that category of: "If you don't like it, don't come here".  I guess that is really the point in some of them.  It's to  make it less likely for some to come to the United States.  There are those as well, that are trade based, and if I don't like them, than go sell somewhere else, go buy somewhere else.  You may, and in cases are, seeing that happening.

So what business is it of ours, outside the United States to care, and be vocal about what is going on?

It appears to be contagious. Or maybe well organised disruption.  It is, not just creeping, but running full steam into the discourse in Canada. Doug Ford in Ontario is a good example of this style of politics getting deeply rooted.  The tactic of just out and out lying to the public was not created by Donald J. Trump, but he is for sure the best at it, and the most enthusiastic with it. For George W. Bush and even more so Dick Cheney, fear was a major tool used, and lying and misinformation were obvious, but not to the extent that we see now, not even remotely close.

So speaking up, even to a degree participating in the process in the United States these days is not just a matter of interest, or being a political junkie, it is about NOT ON MY SHORE.  It's about stopping something out there before it is here more than we already see it.  It's about making sure it does not become fashionable here, to lie and scare your way into power, then to try to centralise and hold it indefinitely.

November 6th's Midterm Election was not the tsunami of democratic blue that some were hoping for.  It was a major landscape change though, that can't be ignored or discounted.  Some of us will remain, openly trying to help the causes of returning the United States back to its role as a democratic beacon of hope for the world.  Doing it transparently, out in the open, not hiding or trying to subvert.  Just working with allies in the United States, to free the United States from a would be occupier.

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