Monday, November 5, 2018


Donald Trump lies about almost every facit of his administration.  He lies about almost everything that happens in and outside his policy.  At the start of this thing, top of mind was trying to dispute the lies Trump constantly tells.  It was not to dispute everything he says, but it turned out, for real, almost everything he says, is a lie.

It is clearly either an innate part of the fabric of his soul, or a calculated strategy, designed to appeal to the base of supporters who give him his power.  The difference between the two is a question of morals.  The practical,  or effective difference between them, is zero.  It has been effective in reaching and motivating his audience as well as polarizing the political discourse.  The people apposite of his views are often goaded into engaging the lies at the expense of ensuring their message is reaching those they need to motivate.

All of this has left openings for foreign powers to exploit the growing devides and isolation of people, who despite having access to more information than ever in human history,  focus on information and views that simply support their biases.  The "information " is often easy to prove wrong, but it doesn't matter, it feels good to hear it, and for some, the rage seems righteous and feels powerful.

Take aways:

1. As long as he is there, the people who support and follow him can not be converted.
2. The people he has reached, are not the majority and therefore should not be the focus of efforts.  Overwhelming them at the polls must be the focus, while that is still possible.  Make no mistake, Trump's goal is to no only hold, but to be, power.

On November 5th, this last day before the most important election day in RECENT WORLD HISTORY, don't be goaded into going off task.  Organize and ensure reasonable, rational people who know the gravity of the situation, GET OUT AND VOTE.

You are literally tasked with making history and saving your country.

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